October 2, 2022
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A payroll system is an important system for the company. It maintains a gentle and regular financial process through which they can pay their salary on time. Payroll management has become the foremost common HR software on the market. So, the correct buy of the payroll management system is often a challenge for human resource teams.

But to be convenient and appropriate one puts pressure on HR managers to implement ideal payroll management in the company. To do so, HRs must make a checklist of the essential features consistent. With these features, HR gets a quick start.

There are many features of payroll software in India that makes the Payroll system handier.

Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is an essential process to maintain financial records like salaries, bonuses, increments, gross and net pay, tax deductions, and insurance payouts. Salary compensation is predicated on the payroll system. And they are used to streamline and handle the payments of the employees.

From automating several tasks like managing employees’ records, and depositing salaries, to taking care of taxes, payroll software is very helpful.

Features That Make Your Payroll Management System Perfect

  1. Easy To Configure

Payroll management software is used to reduce the efforts of HR by automated payroll processes for the employee. So, it should be easily configured. Yes, you heard right. The tool must have fully configurable and customizable features. This may give each HR person a good experience.  Even though HR might have to regularize salary and salary slips often. If the software installation and configuration are not easy, it may take much time to be understood.

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  1. Real-Time Tracking

The payroll system is a perfect system that has several expense features. You may consider the perfect one that has management features with real-time tracking.  HRs must track their employees’ real-time payroll. The system must track these expenses.

  1. Customization for Company

A predefined Payroll system is not a good idea at all. It needs to take a lot of information into account. Good payroll systems should be easy to customize as per your company’s requirements. It should even be easy to personalize payroll functions for every department of employees. Reliable payroll management software should customize every function of your system.

  1. Customer Support

HR executives may require customer support even if checked the demo. Sometimes it may happen to understand features should not be easy. Integrated customer support systems ensure expedient solutions and make sure that the payroll system.

  1. Employee Self-Service

A perfect payroll management tool is one where the employee has self-serving features or a portal. An employee can help them to add info, edit info, check pay slips, download formats, check the tax deduction, and file reports.  They don’t have to depend on any HR to get the data and other tasks. That’s why the self-serving portal saves every employee and HR team.

These features might be added to the self-serving portal. They won’t need to disrupt the HR person’s daily work to resolve any payroll-related query.

  1. Automated Systems

There are multiple tasks that HR has to do and at any point only automate systems can help you. If they still load your HR resources, there isn’t much point in investing in that. Good payroll software ensures that your HR department is freed up to form decisions and better policies, and it will be regulated in the future automatically.

  1.  High Level of Accuracy- Zero Error
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 The best thing about online payroll applications is, that it provides a solution that is high in accuracy. The cost of a human error is not passed on to the system. With the assistance of automated payroll software, there’s less chance of human error. The features of the software include leave status, quarterly audit reports, and direct labor distribution documents. There also are regular payroll reports, tax deductions, and compliance operations installed in the payroll system and that’s why payroll will be done with zero error.

  1. Higher Level of Security

When if the payroll management system has employee self-service, data tracking, and keeping the history of employees then there will be chances of leaking data.  The primary security feature required in the software is that database encryption. With the great audit trails, the safety feature and control access makes the level of security high. For restricting highly valued resources just like the employee’s personal details, tax files, and payroll information, the software has password protection.

  1. Analytics & Reporting

The payroll software requires some kind of business intelligence and analytics and reporting feature. This feature provides a high-level overview of the compensation, taxes, workers’ compensation, and other payroll data. This feature is essential because it gives you insights into your payroll processes. The report from this feature exposes the patterns of employees and HR can easily track performance by that data and give salary as per the reports.

  1. Tax Management

Tax management is the most important feature that should have in payroll software in India. It should have a feature to execute the task of tax filing and computing. With the features of payroll software, worker taxes are filed within the deadline.

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The Payroll Software Should Have the Following Specifications under Tax Management,

  • Pre-Tax Deductions
  • Automatic Updates On Tax Tables
  • E- Media Reporting
  • Check The Deposit Of Tax Due Dates
  • Track Filing Status
  • Employee Compensation Taxes  


All In All,

The features of the payroll system are important, and that’s why knowing about them is even important. After being complex they create the lives of HR executives and administrations easier. Payroll management systems are quite complex. However, they make the lives of HR executives and administrators a lot easier. To understand more details about payroll management in HRMS at the UBS app, check the all features required for your company and book a free demo for managing your payroll process in a streamlined way.