December 7, 2022
Retail price labels

Retail price labels

If you still use the traditional paper labels in your retail business, it is about time you gave electronic shelf price tags a try. The electronic labels have been around for a while, and there is actually more to them than some retailers think. If implemented properly, the electronic labels can help cut labor costs, make your retail business more environmentally friendly, they can work with your eCommerce channel, they can ensure better communication with shoppers, promote optimized pricing and also give promotional opportunities.

This new style of in-store pricing originated way back, in the early 90s. The original electronic shelf labels made use of a liquid crystal display that is similar to that of a calculator. The problem with these original ESLs is that they were limited in the types of characters that they could display, so they were primarily used for only showing the price. Another challenge is that it took more time to upload prices to the ESL, and they used infrared communication for transferring transfer the data.

The later generations of the ESL technology made use of electronic paper or electronic ink which gives the labels the effect of having actual pen on ink. Apart from using infrared communication, these ESLs could also be used with more modern and effective radio communication, which was an added advantage.

The modern electronic shelf price tags make use of only e-paper displays and radio communication. The good thing about these labels is the fact that they display a whole lot more than just the price of a product. Moreover, they also integrate with other modern retail devices, such as digital signs, camera surveillance, and foot traffic counters, etc., something that allows you to gain a wealth of insight into your store’s performance.

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