October 2, 2022
jobs in india

In India, work in state-owned companies is well paid, and therefore in demand. Existing benefits, such as stability, housing conditions, timely payment, and supplementary advantages, make such work quite attractive to young people.

There are different types of jobs in government-owned organizations. The middle level of the State pyramid is occupied by Army officers, bankers, and space researchers. It’s immensely tough to enter the Defense Academy. That is why so many students have been engaged for several years in a row exclusively in preparing for such examinations. Undoubtedly, it makes sense because the UPSC exam is very difficult to pass without thorough preparation.

Let us take a deeper look at the 3 public sector industries that are especially popular among Indian young people.

Armed Forces

If one is looking for a useful and well-paid job in the Army entering the National Defense Academy (NDA) is the perfect option. Graduation from such an Academy provides an opportunity to join the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Decent salary, official pay, and medical care are the most common privileges granted to soldiers. In addition to benefits, service in the armed forces automatically entails responsibility and discipline.

As for officers they belong to the elite of Indian society, their salary is tens of times more than average and counts in thousands of dollars. After receiving the first officer rank «lieutenant» Indian officer is immediately granted accommodation. As a rule, this is a house whose area directly depends on the number of its children and dependents. It can be privatized by the officer and issued as personal property.

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Army officers with the rank of major or above can hire a cook or a batsman. The servants can live in his house, serve the officer’s family, and their work will be paid from the military budget of the country.

There are also a lot of benefits: free medical care, two-month annual paid vacation, 50% discount in special stores and much more.

Quite recently, the Supreme Court of the country authorized the appointment of women to senior command positions.

Reserve Bank of India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank, the main regulator of the country’s finances. While working for RBI is not very noticeable, it is one of the most high-wage jobs in India.

The B-level position in RBI allows you to reach the top manager. The typical remuneration for such work is 1.2-1.3 lakhs of rupees with a full cost-of-living allowance (OL).

Other benefits include spacious housing in chic locations, along with 80 liters of gasoline per year. Their children visit a public kindergarten or school free of charge. They even are granted one lakhs of rupees after each year of working for travel around the world.


Scientists enable the growth of the country. They are at the forefront of innovations that will improve the well-being of Indian people.

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) are only a few of the authoritative institutions hiring scientists. The salary of a state scientist is comparable to the remuneration of a scientist working in a private company.

The demands on the staff are quite high, and the work is very responsible. But let’s consider the key benefits.

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First, science research is a highly respected work – the programmer in an IT company deserves considerably less. Secondly, your colleagues will be the smartest people from all over India, and projects in multicultural teams will help to develop your outlook. Third, the starting salary will be higher than in any industry. Fourth, it is very interesting to work on the creation of spacecraft and launch vehicles, to the same time crane responsible. But if you don’t participate in the launch, there is plenty of free time. Finally, you will enjoy full medical coverage.