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Behind the Ear Tattoos – 5 Unique Tattoo Designs For Behind the Ear

If you’re looking for a discreet tattoo placement, behind the ear is a popular choice. However, it’s important to choose a design that will be meaningful.

A simple, clean inking with minimal shading will stand out best behind your ear. Some popular designs include a single flower, star, cross, anchor, or initials.


The heart is a universal symbol for love, and behind the ear tattoos are a wonderful place to display this design. You can choose a smaller version of the traditional heart, or go for something more intricate,

like this tattoo designed by Korean artist @pureum.

Its curved shape and italic lettering make this simple tattoo design a unique choice for behind the ear. You can get it in different sizes and italics, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you.

Another popular tattoo design is the dove, which symbolizes love, forgiveness, peace and hope. This delicate bird is also a great choice for behind the ear because it is often seen as a sign of new beginnings.

For a more powerful, dramatic design, a dragon is a popular choice for behind the ear inkings. They are often linked with protection, power and wisdom and look great whether you choose to get a full-length piece or a small tattoo.

Regardless of what you decide to ink, it’s important to remember that behind the ear is a small space with limited space, so you should pick a design that doesn’t take up too much room. A lot of people are scared of the pain that behind the ear tattoos can cause, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t as bad as you might think.


An anchor behind the ear tattoo is a great choice for people who love sailing or anything that’s marine related. They can be simple and minimalistic, or they can be layered with other nautical designs.

Anchors have a long history as a tattoo design that signified safety, security and stability. Sailors used them to hold their ships together in the face of stormy seas, ensuring they would return home safe and sound.

A simple anchor can be a cute, whimsical tattoo, especially when paired with flowers. The natural softness of the flower contrasts with the hard edges and points of an anchor, creating a beautiful juxtaposition.

Another way to use an anchor as a tattoo is to add a name, symbol or phrase to it, which can become a meaningful piece of art for the person who wears it. This can be a great way to pay tribute to a lost loved one or honor someone who’s been a source of strength in your life.

Celebrities have also embraced this popular tattoo, with Sam Smith sporting a tiny anchor on his left forearm in 2019. He dedicated the tattoo to his fans, writing: “For you, my little sailors”. It’s a great way to show your support for your friends and family.


Feathers are a beautiful tattoo that can be inked behind the ear. They look delicate and pretty but also have a deeper meaning for many women who choose them as a permanent body art.

These tattoos have a deep significance in the ancient tribes of the world, as they symbolize courage, truth, freedom and bravery. Some women get them engraved because they have a sincere belief in these virtues and they want to spread the message to others.

They are also a great way to show off your bold spirit and carefree attitude. This particular feather design is done in a vibrant blue and white hue and it looks lovely behind the ear.

There are a variety of designs to choose from when it comes to feathers, and these are some of the most popular choices for men and women alike.

Flowers are another popular choice, with blooms like roses and daisies representing romance, love, and passion. They are also a great way to commemorate a special loved one.


Stars are an incredibly popular tattoo behind the ear. Often seen as a symbol of strength and guidance, stars can also be used to honor or remember someone special.

Many people get a star tattoo as a way to reflect their love of astronomy. Others use it as a symbol of hope and ambition in their lives.

The stars in the sky have helped travelers find their way home and toward civilization since further back than history can describe, acting as a compass. A star behind the ear can be a way to symbolize your desire to reach high goals.

There are many different types of stars, and they all carry their own unique meaning. One of the most common forms is a five-pointed pentagram star, which is known worldwide.

Another common type of star tattoo is a twinkling star. These are popular among women and men and can be designed in many ways.

These tattoos are usually colored, but a plain black star is still very cool and pleasing to the eye. However, if you are looking for a true astronomical effect, try placing several stars together in a pattern. This will create a truly impressive look and feel!


If you want an unusual and unique tattoo design behind your ear, consider a scissor tattoo. This small ink symbolizes cutting negative influences from your life and improving yourself by ‘sharpening’ your instincts, becoming more independent, and taking charge of your own decisions.

This tattoo is ideal for those looking for a small, meaningful ink that can be easily hidden. It also helps to remind you of the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

There are many ways to design a scissors tattoo, but if you’re not a fan of traditional outlines or intricate details, simple and clean lines are a great option. Alternatively, try black ink to make the ink stand out.

Floral designs are another popular choice for women’s ear tattoos. Depending on the style and theme you choose, flowers can be very feminine and represent friendship, joy, hope, love or courage.

Trees are an excellent ear tattoo choice for anyone who’s fond of nature or who wants to pay tribute to their family’s roots. Regardless of the design, trees are often associated with long life, protection, growth and knowledge.

In addition to flowers and trees, the back of the ear can be a fun place for word tattoos. A single phrase or quote is always powerful, but words like strength, hope and love can make an impact on a small space. You can even incorporate a small image or doodle for an extra special touch.


One of the most delicate and beautiful bird designs, the dove is perfect for behind the ear placement. Doves represent peace, love, and forgiveness as well as hope and new beginnings. They are also a symbol of faith in God for Christians.

A dove tattoo is a good choice for women who are looking to add a piece of art to their ear. It’s a delicate design that looks best when it’s small and simple.

Another idea is to get a dreamcatcher design, which has been a talisman in Native American cultures for centuries. When nestled behind your ear, it can keep nightmares at bay.

This tiny tat is super discreet and can be paired with any floral design. A butterfly tattoo is another popular choice and can be simple or intricate.

The sky provides lots of inspiration, too. A celestial theme tat can look cute tucked behind the ear and goes with any moon or stars earrings.

Music notes are another great ear tattoo idea, especially for people who enjoy writing or singing. This simple tat shows your appreciation for the music you listen to and the way it shapes your life.


Behind the ear tattoos are a great way to make a statement. These designs are very eye-catching and they look quite elegant. However, this area is prone to pain and therefore extra care must be taken when getting this type of body art.

When choosing a design for the behind the ear, it is important to consider several factors such as your level of comfort and the design that will look stylish. The design below looks stunning as it is artistically done with a beautiful color combination. The black color used is quite thick and it blends well with the overall complexion of the wearer making the facial outlook of the person to look very attractive and elegant.

A great idea for a behind the ear tattoo is to use floral elements as this will create a wonderful visual appeal. This is because flowers are known to symbolize love, gentleness, and any good feeling that one may want to associate with it.

Another great idea is to have a tattoo that represents your zodiac sign as this will show that you are a firm believer in astrology. You could also get a cosmo-inspired design like this Big Dipper as this will make you appear to be a globetrotter.


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