October 2, 2022
living room ideas

In the world of interior decor, minimalism is in. Clean and suave decor styles have become synonymous to sophistication and everyone wants to get in on the trend. Minimalistic living has been known to have a positive impact on people’s subconscious as well. Lack of clutter leads to a more clear head and better environment which helps people live up to their potential. Here are some minimalistic decor styles for your living room, that combine comfort and class and come with a little extra storage.

Start Off By Making Space

The first step toward creating a minimalistic living room is getting rid of what’s not necessary. Stuff like extra magazines or newspapers, extra chairs, and chunky decor items that have cluttered your shelves need to go. Only keep what provides utility to you on a regular basis and make space for a sleek center table that comes with storage space. Check out center table designs online and pick one that suits your style.

Have A Designated Place For Things

Sometimes, just putting things in their proper place makes a huge difference to the vibe of your living room. In a minimalist living room, every decor item and piece of furniture should have its designated place. This helps to tie the room together and give the full effect of minimalistic decor. For example, having a wall for your chargers, tv, set top boxes, etc, will ensure there is no clutter in the other parts of the living room. Check out modern TV wall designs for some inspiration and try to incorporate storage space for remotes, extra batteries, chargers etc.

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Size Does Matter

Before you begin planning your ideal minimalistic living room, keep in mind the scale and size of the room and then slowly start incorporating furniture and decor items that align with the space and don’t look out of proportion. Whatever space you have to work, make sure things don’t look too big or too small in accordance with it. If you have a space crunch, consider putting in a larger couch with a smaller coffee table for maximum utility as well as a statement yet clean effect.

Multipurpose Furniture

In a minimalistic space, having furniture that can double up for more than one use is crucial since you cannot put too many decor items without ruining the aesthetic. Try to incorporate multipurpose furniture such as center tables with drawers and tv units with paneling so as to make the most of that particular piece of furniture. This will also help you get rid of clutter and automatically make the place seem more chic. Opt for furniture that can be stacked on top of or into one another so as to conserve even more space.

With these minimalist decor ideas and more, you can create a serene sanctuary right there in your house and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Minimalist living is not just limited to decor but also to other material possessions, so set up a routine where you keep removing things that you no longer have use for.