December 7, 2022

There’s been plenty of discussion concerning baby powder over the last few years. It’s not the reason to make it difficult to figure out the right powders, like cornstarch, that will be suitable for your child.

To resolve the mystery, I made an in-depth look at cornstarch for diaper rash. Based on my personal experiences of using cornstarch to treat my infant using cloth diapers, I found that it’s safe to apply cornstarch to your child. It’s also perfectly safe to use cornstarch for cloth diapers.

The issue with baby Powder

It’s known that baby powder isn’t advised for infants. The most significant problem with baby powder is its ingredient which is talc.

The current controversy, and the unsuccessful court cases of Johnson and Johnson have shed some insight into the issue. Johnson as well as Johnson is accused of not revealing the evidence that asbestos was present in talc from the early 1970s. The whole story as well as the cover-up are discussed detailed in this report from The New York Times.

Even talc that contains asbestos can carry its own risks.

In the most severe of cases, it is possible that talc causes the rare condition known as talkies. While it’s a serious problem, it’s extremely uncommon and typically the result of abuse which is severe. Such as snorting talc or making use of drugs within them traces of talc [source Source.

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If used in a normal method, there is the possibility that some particles could be breathed in and later travel into the lungs. I’ll discuss the causes of this in the next section when I’ll look at the talc particles as well as cornstarch. For now, I’ll say that you should prevent the child’s breathing through the talc.

Can Cornstarch cause a Diaper Rash triggered by yeast?

Some websites state that cornstarch is able to feed yeast, which could make the problem more serious. It’s not a stretch since it’s starch. However, as per the 1984 study by JJ. Leyden “The development of Candida albicans inoculated during a laboratory study on the human body was not stimulated through the addition of cornstarch or talcum powder.

There are enough nutrients available to allow for the growth of C. Albicans are found on human skin, if enough water is available.

Will Cornstarch Damage Diapers?

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not water-soluble. This means that even when washed out, it won’t find its way in your diaper and cause issues. Also, the detergent will be able to easily capture cornstarch particles, then wash them off.

It will not harm cloth diapers even without a liner.

What is the best way to use Cornstarch to treat Diaper Rash?

In my post earlier, I made the point that even though the particles of cornstarch are greater than Talc particles. You have been aware of them as they should not be inhaled.

According to WebMD recommends the safest method is to apply the cornstarch into your hands before applying it directly to your baby’s diaper.

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I’d recommend keeping it in a smaller bottle and using an object such as spoons. Or other objects to scoop it up from your hand, rather than using a baby bottle for powder.


Cornstarch is safe for your baby, as well as the diapers made of cloth.

In simpler terms, cornstarch can be described as an uninvolved, healthy, safe, and reliable replacement for baby powder. It is a great way to heal and stop dry skin that is caused by diapers. Dry skin is common with cloth diapers, as they don’t have the “stay dry” chemical magic that is present in disposable diapers.