October 2, 2022
generating electricity

Obviously, homeowners can minimise their energy bills by reducing their energy usage. However, less known is that using alternative energy sources potentially could allow you to save on your energy bills.

To generate electricity by yourself, you have several options. These include biomass systems, solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

If you have ample space for establishing such a system, generating your own electricity through renewable energy is a great way to positively contribute to the environment.

What are the different ways to generate electricity on your own

There are multiple ways to generate electricity on your own. The best one for you depends on the circumstances at your home. If you do not have a large garden, solar panels might be more feasible than a small wind turbine system.

The major ways of generating your electricity are the following:


  •  Windmills
  •  Biomass and Biogas systems
  •  Geothermal heat pumps



Wind turbines aren’t simply for large wind farms in broad open places. Small windmills are available for residential use. A wind-electric system consists of a wind turbine installed on a tower to access more significant winds. Windmills harness the energy of the wind and transform it into reliable electricity.


When the wind rotates the wings of the turbine, a rotor catches the energy of the wind and turns it into rotational motion to power the generator. The generated energy is stored in the generator and utilized in your house. You can check Future Energy as they help in the installation of a windmill  for your home.

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Biomass and Biogas systems

Biomass is organic waste in the paper, tea leaves, vegetable peels, and agricultural leftovers. The waste is helpful to generate power and heat. Biomass energy is cost-effective and may be used to create power.


In a biomass system, there is no oxygen, and eventually, the waste decomposes into methane and carbon dioxide. The gas then produced is helpful for cooling, heating, cooking, and electricity generation purposes.

Geothermal heat pumps

The geothermal pump extracts the warmth from the Earth’s surface even during the winter.

The pump has a closed loop of pipe that extracts fluid via an underground channel to your house and then moves back underground. The system has a heat exchanger device that takes the heat from the pipe and transfers it to heat living spaces.

The key takeaway

There are several ways to save energy and at the same time reduce your environmental impact. Today, due to the many options present, generating electricity for your home is not such a difficult task. However, preparing your garden in such a way that you can actually install your home-generating electricity system might be quite complicated. At Westminster, we offer tailor-made solutions for garden flooring and pavement to accommodate your needs. If you are thinking of redesigning your garden to accommodate your own electricity system or want to change your garden design in general, don´t hesitate to contact us.