October 2, 2022
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A motorbike is an effective mode of transportation for two people, but one of the riders must frequently wear a helmet. While many bikes have locations to keep these helmets on, there may be situations when carrying another person’s helmet is required. Depending on your needs and tastes, numerous approaches can be effective.

When it comes to safety, you should always carry a passenger helmet on a motorcycle. And wearing a helmet is one of the most critical factors. It’s a basic truth that wearing a helmet can keep you from suffering major head injuries in an accident, so we always advocate wearing one. However,

Nine Easy Methods For How To Carry A Passenger Helmet On A Motorcycle

There are various strategies for doing it safely, but not all are equally successful. The following are nine simple ways to transport an additional helmet.

1. Make Use Of A Cargo Net:

Cargo nets are one of the most convenient motorcycle riders to transport their passenger helmets. A cargo net is a square or rectangular elastic net with hooks connected to the edges. It is used to secure various things without creating a movement to prevent harm.

Install the helmet properly on the pillion seat and wrap the cargo net around it. The cargo net is equipped with various hooks that may be attached to your motorcycle. To reduce the danger of movement, ensure that the helmet is uniformly positioned.

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Cargo net hooks might scrape or harm your motorcycle’s paint. To solve this problem, you must modify the cargo net.

However, motorcycle helmets are now directly exposed to dust and trash. You need to wash them. Learn more about how to wash motorcycle helmet liners.

2. Make Use Of An Elastic Helmet Strap:

Another option for transporting a second helmet on a motorbike is to utilize an adjustable helmet strap. It looks a lot like a cargo net, except there are just two hooks.

The four elastic straps are held together by hooks on the sides. You may attach the clips to your motorcycle’s grip rails or the rear footpegs. Place the passenger helmet on the back seat and tighten the elastic strap around it. You can set the four straps to protect the helmet from sliding.

3. Attach A Strap To The Grab Rails:

A motorbike with grip rails is an excellent choice for this strategy. Using the grab bar, secure the helmet straps to your bike. Check that the helmet straps are tight enough so that the helmet does not move during the ride and does not come into contact with the motorbike exhaust.

Using this strategy, you may keep a backup helmet on the side of your bike rather than on the back seat. It is conceivable that you will harm your motorcycle’s paint, so use the additional cloth provided below to protect it.

4. Make Use Of A Motorcycle Tail Bag:

Another solution for transporting a passenger helmet is a motorbike tail bag. It may hold either an open-face or a full-face helmet. A significant advantage of employing a tail bag is that it serves as a comfy backrest for the passenger.

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The top box may be locked, assuring the helmet’s safety. As a result, I believe this is the most secure option.

5. Attach Helmet To The Passenger Seat:

I used to hook my helmet beneath the passenger seat while in college. Although this is the easiest and safest way, it requires that your motorbike have hooks beneath the rear seat to function.

Clip your helmet’s D-ring to the hooks under the passenger seat. You need to prop up the helmet against the side of your motorcycle. To protect your bike’s paint, insert an additional cloth under the helmet and hold it securely.

6. Keep It On Your Arm:

Here’s an unofficial method for carrying a passenger helmet on your arm. I don’t encourage it, but if your motorcycle doesn’t have room for a passenger helmet, you can utilize it this way.

Attach the spare helmet’s chin strap to your elbow and slide the helmet on. You’ve finished the mission; now go riding. I realize this is a strange idea, but it might be useful for short-distance rides.

Carrying an additional helmet on your arm may make controlling your bike difficult. As a result, if your motorbike has a spot for a passenger helmet, never employ this approach. 

Modular helmets as they are easy to carry. Learn more about “are modular helmets safe in accidents.” 

7. Attach It To The Backrest Of The Passenger Seat:

When your motorcycle includes a backrest, you don’t need to carry a passenger helmet. Wrap the extra helmet around the passenger seat’s backrest. Maintain the helmet’s tightness to not move even at high speeds.

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Despite the fact that this is one of the best alternatives, some riders consider that the helmet strap alone is insufficient to hold the helmet in place. To fasten the helmet, wrap it with a bungee rope.

8. Backpack:

We may also carry an extra helmet in various backpacks on the market. Wear the bag with the backup helmet.

Because most motorcycle helmets are lightweight, a passenger helmet may be easily packed in a bag.

9. An Oxford Lidlash Helmet Bag

The Oxford Lidlash Helmet Bag is the final but not least technique for transporting a passenger helmet on a motorbike. The bag comes with straps, which allows you to keep the replacement helmet inside conveniently.

Place your spare helmet inside this bag. Place the straps of a backpack beneath the back seat of your motorcycle.


Many motorcyclists keep a passenger helmet on their motorcycles for their companions. They are solely concerned with wearing a helmet while ignoring riding safety. We hope this article has answered your query of how to carry a passenger helmet on a motorcycle. 

You now have nine options for transporting a replacement helmet on a motorcycle. You may also experiment with several methods to find the one that works best for you. Hopefully, you now understand how to transport a passenger helmet on a motorbike securely.

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