Pinterest Christmas Lockscreen


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How to Make a Pinterest Christmas Lockscreen

Pinterest Christmas Crafts

Pinterest is a great place to find simple DIY Christmas crafts that are easy to make with kids and can be used to decorate your home or give as gifts. You can use things you have around the house for these craft projects, including buttons, corks, wire hangers, pasta and pencil shavings.

One of the easiest and most popular Christmas crafts on Pinterest is a gnome that combines natural materials like pine needles, berries and twigs with paper ornaments. These 3D gnomes are beautiful and a perfect way to bring the natural world indoors this holiday season!

If you have kids who love to craft, you can use this cute gnome as a project to channel their energy and creativity. This gnome will look amazing on your tree or in any room of the house.

Another fun craft that you can make with your kids is a cotton ball Santa. Start by cutting out the head, hat and beard from red and white paper. Then, have your kids tape a cotton ball to each of the pieces. They’ll be amazed at how quickly they can complete this project! You can also make a more complicated version of this craft, which is perfect for older kids and adults.


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