Drug Dealer Gangster Tattoo Designs


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Drug Dealer Gangster Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a sign of gang membership and have been an important badge of honor for gangs for decades. They also serve as a way to communicate a gang member’s loyalty to the group and indicate that they operate outside the law.

A drug dealer advertised his illicit trade with a tattoo complete with a phone number customers could ring to place an order. The tattoo was uncovered by police during a search of vans belonging to Mark Whittingham and Jordan Tanner, who were found running a significant cocaine dealing operation from an Afan Valley base.


Many drug dealer gangsters have tattoo designs that are inspired by a variety of criminal activities. These designs range from symbols that denote their crime and status to images that represent the gang that they are a member of.

The cat is a popular tattoo design for gang members, as it is one of the oldest symbols of criminal activity. It is associated with a thief’s accumulated fortune, their swift swiping skills, their patience, their prudence, and their ruthlessness.

Another tattoo design that gang members like to have is the lock and key. It is a symbol that helps gang members identify one another and also unifies the group. It is used in particular by members of the Black Guerrilla Family, a gang that’s politically motivated by Marxism and Leninism.

These gangs are also known for their violence, which is often more random and individual than organized. Their members are involved in a wide variety of “cafeteria-style” crimes such as auto theft, burglary, robbery, vandalism, and criminal mischief.

A gang member who is not involved in drug dealing or other criminal activities is usually referred to as a “slanger” in the jargon of these gangs. These slangers typically sell drugs at the individual level to help offset the cost of their drug use and to support themselves economically.

In addition, some gang members who are not involved in criminal activities but are associated with the gang can have a three dots tattoo. These dots are commonly found on gang member’s hands or around their eyes, and they send a message that the person who has them operates outside the law.

These tattoos are common among gang members, and they are easy to do with homemade instruments. They are commonly seen in prison, and they’re meant to send a clear message.

Mexican Mafia

Drug dealer gangsters are known to have tattoo designs inked on their arms and shoulders. These Mexican Mafia tattoo designs often feature some combination of black lettering, figures and abstract patterns to create a truly unique design.

A Mexican Mafia tattoo usually depicts the number “13” or La Eme, the 13th letter of the alphabet and a symbol that signifies the Mexican Mafia. Sure&241;osgangs, a group of street gangs that swear allegiance to the Mexican Mafia and carry out its orders from prison, also use this lettering as a symbol.

Another popular Mexican Mafia tattoo is the three dots. The three dots are arranged in a triangle and symbolize the typical pathways that gang members take. The triangle indicates that gangsters travel between prison, hospital and graveyard.

In addition, the three dots signify “mi vida loca,” which means, “my crazy life.” This reflects the unpredictable and dangerous nature of gang activity.

When a gang member has a three dot tattoo, it is generally believed that they have a violent or illegal past. However, it is not always the case, and a 3 dot tattoo does not indicate an association with any particular gang or cartel.

This is because it is very common for a gang member to have this type of tattoo without any association with a specific organization or gang. The three dots tattoo is often seen in prison, as it is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to ink a tattoo on a person.

Many gangsters also have skull or cross iconography placed between their eyes to create a menacing image. This is an extremely visible and highly menacing tattoo that is a sign that they have committed murder.


Drug dealer gangsters can have several tattoos that can be interpreted as a symbol of their activities and behavior. One of the most popular tattoos for this group is a skull or cross.

The skull or cross is an iconic image in Mexican gang and cartel culture that indicates death or violence. It is also used as a talisman by members of gangs who are committed to their cause.

Another common tattoo for drug dealer gangsters is a devil. This tattoo is a symbolic representation of the satanic nature of drug dealing. It can also be a symbol of evil, and reflects the gang members’ desire to live life on the edge.

In addition, these tattoos are a great way to show others that you have been involved in crime. These tattoos are particularly popular among young people, and they are a way for them to show that they are proud of their criminal past.

These tattoos are usually simple and straightforward, but they can have a lot of meaning behind them. For example, a three-dot tattoo is a good indicator of gang membership, while four-dot tattoos are often meant to represent religious faith.

A tattoo with the letter “1488” is sometimes found on white supremacists, which carries the same meaning as “The Fourteen Words.” These words were originally uttered by Nazi leader David Lane.

The Bloods are a violent American gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the early 20th century. The gang has deep ties to Mexico’s infamous drug cartels, and it is considered the most powerful gang in the United States.

The Bloods are known for their cruelty and murder, and they are a popular gang to have tattooed on the body. These tattoos are usually inked in bold letters, and they can have a variety of different symbols incorporated into them.

Three Dots

Drug dealer gangsters have a wide range of tattoo designs. Some of them are simple, while others are elaborate and dark. One of the most common tattoos is the three dots.

This small tattoo is often used by Chicano gang members and represents “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life.” The dots are commonly placed on the hand, around the eye, or on the cheekbone. They are also a popular tattoo for incarcerated individuals.

The three dots are rendered in a straight or wavy line, either horizontally or vertically, and can vary in size or color to maintain symmetry. The design can also be arranged in a triangular pattern, which may represent a dangerous way of living.

Another way that the three dots are used in a tattoo is to depict an ellipsis, which is when a sentence is incomplete. It can symbolize a number of different concepts, including a spiritual journey.

It is also used as a symbol of familial relationships, platonic friendships, or other connections between three people. It can even be used as a sign of alchemical balance.

Whether you are getting this tattoo as part of a gang affiliation or just to be cool, make sure that you do your research before making any decisions. The wrong choice can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort.

This small tattoo is often used by Chicano drug dealer gangsters and represents “mi vida loca,” a phrase that means “my crazy life.” It is commonly placed on the hand, around the eye, and on the cheekbone. It is also a popular tattoo for incarcerated people.

Skull or Cross

The skull or cross is an extremely popular tattoo design for drug dealer gangsters. It’s often placed between the eyes, which gives it a menacing, threatening look that makes it perfect for men who are serious about becoming a criminal.

Skull and cross tattoos are also a common choice for women, as well. This is because they signify female power and strength.

A skull and cross is also a powerful symbol of death. In fact, it can be found on tombstones, as a memento mori.

There are several different kinds of skull or cross tattoo designs. Some are more simple than others, while others can be highly intricate and lovely.

Some skull and cross tattoos represent a specific event, like the Day of the Dead in Mexico or Halloween in the United States. They are also used to symbolize friendship, love, and loyalty.

Other skull or cross tattoos are related to religious beliefs, such as Christianity’s holy trinity. These tattoos can be very attractive, and they can also have a deep meaning for the person who gets them.

These skull and cross tattoos can also be very scary, as they are a symbol of death. In some cases, they’re used as a memento mori for a deceased loved one.

Another type of skull or cross is a representation of knowledge and secrecy. This is an incredibly common tattoo, especially in the American tradition.

A lot of people choose to get this tattoo, since it can represent a lot of personal things. It’s also very unique and can be a great way to add a touch of style to your body.

This is a tattoo design that a lot of people choose to get, since it can be very beautiful and it will cover a large part of your body. It can also be a very scary tattoo, since it will be extremely realistic and it will give your body a powerful look.


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