December 7, 2022

Has your floor started to look tired and worn out? Then you may have started to consider how your floor should come to life again and whether it might be time to get a floor sanding and new surface treatment. It will generally be time when the varnish on the floor e.g. has been worn through or when the surface of the wood has started to get a lot of scratches and nicks, which are very natural signs of use. They will, for example get more of if you have a large dog whose claws can scratch the floor, or a small child tends to drop things that give the floor nicks.

It is very natural, and is just something you need to take into account when you e.g. choose your finishing. Some finishes will be able to withstand more wear than others. It is important to consider, as you cannot carry out a Gulvafslibning KĂžbenhavn in time and out of time. Both because it does not make economic sense, but also because the floor will get thinner every time.

Choice of finishing

Once your floor has been sanded, it’s time to treat your hardwood floor. The right finishing is more important than you might think. It has a big influence on how your floor will look and how much wear and tear it can handle.

Finishes are divided into lacquer treatment, oil treatment and soap treatment. It can be difficult to assess which finish is best for your floor if you have not sanded your floor before, which is why it may be a good idea to read up on it and get advice from your floor man. , which will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms. So there is no reason for you to feel completely lost, as there is help to be had.

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