December 7, 2022
Facebook's Monday Clubhouse Like Spotifykafkavox

Facebook is set to launch a new feature this spring called Monday Clubhouse, which will let users upload their audio snippets. These will be displayed alongside images, videos, and text. Users should start to see a beta version of the feature sometime in late spring.

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Users can create audio snippets for the Facebook Monday clubhouse and see them alongside the text, photos, and videos. A beta version of the feature should be available to users in late spring. This way, users can try the new part before its official launch date.


Facebook is getting ready to launch a new feature allowing users to create and share audio snippets. These snippets will appear alongside videos, images, and text on the Facebook platform. The new segment will be in beta form in late spring.

One of the best features of Facebook Monday Clubhouse is that it allows users to connect with other music enthusiasts. This means that users can listen to their favorite artists and discover new artists to add to their playlists. They can also talk about the latest songs and albums with each other.

As a company, Anghami has 70M prospects, of which about 4.5M are premium subscribers. This number is comparable to the 70M paid subscribers Spotify has worldwide. Therefore, Anghami will access a larger addressable market by merging with Spotify.

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Facebook’s Plans For “Social Audio.”

Mark Zuckerberg revealed new audio tools and features today. The new tools will help Facebook users talk longer and multitask while interacting with others. Facebook aims to make audio products as robust as the company’s other products. The company will first test the new audio features in its Messenger service.

The company is also building the infrastructure to monetize audio content, such as subscriptions and donations. Some of the challenges Facebook may face in this area include content moderation. For example, in a video-conferencing product called Clubhouse, the company shut down rooms where speakers discussed “Jewish white privilege.” But the company has thousands of content moderation staff members, and this infrastructure could be applied to audio.

Facebook is also developing “audio assembly rooms” that let people listen to audio broadcasts. These rooms would be similar to the popular video rooms among Facebook users. These audio rooms could be created by customers and joined by other platform members. The feature would be identical to Facebook’s video rooms but more private and allow users to interact only with people they know.

In April, Facebook laid out its plans for social audio. The company has already tested Live Audio Rooms in Taiwan. However, Zuckerberg’s chat was the first for users in the United States. The discussion also featured members from the division of Facebook’s Reality Labs and Facebook App. Also, he mentioned that the company’s developers are working on a new feature called “games” that allows users to find others who share the same interests. These games will also have Facebook badges, which will help users identify who they are playing with.

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Facebook is also working with Spotify on an audio chat tool. This will let Facebook users share content from their favorite artists and playlists. Users can also use an audio player in their news feeds. This announcement comes at a time when social networks are competing for users’ attention. Twitter has been testing its audio chat product, Spaces, and Reddit is launching Reddit Talk as well.

The company is also working on podcasts. Facebook will face an uphill battle against Apple and Spotify in the podcasting space. In the meantime, the company focuses on Reels, an audio service that uses short videos from TikTok. The company’s plans for podcasting could also overlap with the company’s metaverse ambitions.

Spotify is one of the most famous music services in the world and is also a tremendous social audio app. The company has hundreds of millions of premium subscribers. The new feature will make it easy for users to listen to most videos in the background. This feature should help people discover new music and artists without leaving the social media site.

In addition to these new features, Facebook is also working on new monetization opportunities. For example, fans can support creators with subscriptions and donate to causes. The company will also launch the Audio Creator Fund for Soundbites, providing creators with additional revenue opportunities.