December 7, 2022
Desi Restaurants in Lahore

Desi chicken karrahi with naan or bread. Tasty food with massala.

Haveli restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is located in the historic Khalil Khan Haveli area, an architectural landmark of Lahore. Nestled in the lap of history, Haveli offers exceptional views of the famous Badshahi Mosque, the Temple of Guru Arjun (1563-1606), or the Temple of Dera built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 and was the largest mosque in the world for over 300 years. The site where Raja Ranjit Singh of the Sikh kingdom of Punjab was cremated with the real Rani, the princess of Kangra and three other wives in 1839, the tombs of Allama Iqbal and Sir Sikander Hayat Khan, Minar-e-Pakistan, and last but not at least, the impressive millennial Lahore Fort with its fascinating history. Although the Haveli restaurant’s appearance is unique from Desi Restaurants in Lahore, its cuisine is equally excellent and satisfying. Our guests are treated like royalty as they enjoy delicious barbecues, delicious lamb and chicken dishes, Tawa dishes, and our chef’s special recipe for Lahori delicacies.

Haveli Restaurant – Desi Restaurants in Lahore. Eating outdoors with such a beautiful backdrop of the Badshahi Masjid is always a great experience. Even though it is always very busy and the service is sometimes delayed, the food and atmosphere are all-inclusive. If the weather improves a little with a breeze, this will be the most enjoyable experience. Grilling is an integral part of Pakistani cuisine. The Citadel and Date Darbar are clearly visible from above. A large number of servers make it easy to host visitors. On weekends, be sure to wait 20-30 minutes. All in all, a dining experience and a place to have.

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Haveli Grill Liberty Market, Lahore

With a visionary zeal to own the Haveli in its original design, its current owners, brothers Habib Khan and Tariq Khan, carefully purchased the plots divided by several people in 2005-2006 and carefully began work to strengthen , renovate and restore the structure.

The faithful Khalva Puri in Lahore

They have been making the best halva since 1880. We are the inventors of the poor halva, now our 4th gene.
Sadiq Khalwa Puri is a city in the Middle East of Pakistan, located in Lahore, in the Punjab province. Sadiq Khalwa Puri Address: Gawalmandi Railway, Lahore 54000 Pakistan. If you want to go to this place or need any service, you can contact them directly. open websites to view updated information,
Monal restaurant

Lahore Monal restaurant is located at Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Roundabout, Lahore 54000, Pakistan. Monal has 2 rooftop restaurants facing a busy street and noisy traffic, the atmosphere is not satisfying. Although I have opted for the a la carte, afternoon tea is usually the best value for money. I ate out looking at the Lahore lights and ordered from the menu. Our green chicken masala was excellent and the service was very attentive. The manager is incredibly hospitable and the whole evening is a great memory.

Lahore’s Monal restaurant is a worthy addition for foodies. The services offered in this restaurant are so good that people have given this restaurant 4.3 out of 5 reviews. The location of this restaurant is a plus for this restaurant. The services that increase the demand for this restaurant are as follows: Firstly, a very attractive location. The rooftop seat enhances the beauty of the place. Space is essential, especially if you’re planning on dining out.
The quantity and quality of the food is quite decent. The food is delicious and inviting. The taste and quantity of food justify the price they charge.

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Better cooperative management

The management staff are very friendly. The team is friendly and kind; their energetic and respectful demeanor also adds to the positive aspects of this restaurant. They have a variety of drinks that they offer their guests. They also offer the customer a welcome drink. Being a good restaurant is a gesture.
Another positive point of this restaurant is the parking. The restaurant offers its guests free parking spaces.
Monal has gained a lot of fame for the benefits it offers to its customers. Visit and enjoy this restaurant in a great location.