October 2, 2022
ConvertKit Review

In This ConvertKit review, I have covered in-depth about ConvertKit overview, features, and pros & cons.


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ConvertKit Overview

Convertkit is an email marketing platform that lets you develop an email list and engage with your subscribers. It also allows you to automate some of your email marketing tasks. In this review of convertkit, I will demonstrate how you can send broadcast emails to your entire list, as well as how to set up automatic email sequences and convert your subscribers into customers. And all of that is done by autopilot. Since I began utilizing Convertkit in 2017, I have been able to generate a total of fifty thousand dollars in revenue using it. In this piece, I will demonstrate in detail the steps that I took to accomplish that goal.

Convertkit Pricing

Let’s speak about the pricing first, before we go into all of the features that are included in the pro version! There are two different Pro plans to choose from, and the cost of each one is determined by the total number of members on your list.

You gain access to all of the functionality necessary to automate and expand your email list with the Creator plan. The difference between this plan and the free one is that you have the ability to send automated sequences. That is a fantastic approach to making money off of your list on autopilot while at the same time assisting the people who have subscribed to it.

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The maximum number of members allowed for the $29 per month price is 1,000. If you want to make payments monthly rather than yearly, you will be responsible for this additional cost. If you pay for the service by the year, you will receive a discount equal to two months. When you reach a certain size threshold, you will immediately be upgraded to the next pricing tier.

Key Convertkit Features

Emails Broadcasting 

Since the size of your email list is increasing, you are now able to begin sending broadcast emails and choose the recipients directly. Perhaps you have several landing pages, one of which is devoted to cryptocurrencies, and another to stocks. You have the option of choosing to send a broadcast email to Crypto subscribers exclusively if you so choose. All of this is possible with the free edition of Convertkit, which gives you the capacity to have up to one thousand members.

 Landing Page

You are now able to share your landing page on any other website in the world. You may include it in the description of your Instagram post, send it to pals via WhatsApp, publish it on your website, or send it to friends via email. And when people click on your link, they will be brought to the landing page that you have provided. A new subscriber is created whenever a person provides their name and email address in response to a call to action on your website.

Email Automation

Convertkit Pro allows you to send automatic emails in a queue. That example, when someone subscribes to your email list, you can decide whether to send them a personalized email (greeting them by their first name) in a few hours, a few days, or on a specific day of the week, and then send follow-up emails on autopilot based on your preferences.

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I can determine that everyone who signs up will receive an automatic message the following Monday and every day for the next ten days, providing value on the topic they are passionate in. In one or more of the sequence emails, I can begin to market a tool with an affiliate link, and as long as new subscribers are added to my email list, customers can buy one of my affiliate goods on autopilot every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ConvertKit used for?

Nathan Barry is the inventor of ConvertKit, which is an email service provider that includes all of the features (ESP). One of the email marketing companies that is now on the market, it is one of the most rapidly expanding due to the user-friendliness, automation, and other services that it offers. In addition to that, it gives you the ability to personalize the sign-up forms and landing pages that you use to attract extra email subscribers.

2. Can you use ConvertKit with Blogger?

Creating a connection between your ConvertKit account and your Blogger site is a simple process. If you don’t want your clients to be required to input their first name in addition to their email address, you may have this get rid of the ConvertKit logo and remove the area where they enter their first name.

3. How do I use ConvertKit for newsletters?

Add a newsletter feed to any of your ConvertKit landing pages to provide subscribers with a sample of the stuff you will be sending them. If you go to your broadcast and click the button that says “Enable on Public Feeds,” then your newsletter will be displayed on the landing page immediately.

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