December 7, 2022

Instagram recently introduced a new feature that can increase engagement, boost reach, and make your profile viral. This interactive “Add Yours” sticker can create chain stories. You can join a chain created by someone else or make your own. Buy Instagram Followers UK

How it works

You may have seen the new “Add Yours” sticker appear on Instagram stories since its global rollout on November 1, 2021. This interactive feature brings together stories that are related to a particular theme. You can interact with the ‘Add Yours’ sticker to add you’re relevant stories to the prompt. You can also place the original sticker on your stories post. This allows friends to interact and view the same ‘Add yours’ sticker.

You can either interact with an existing sticker or create your chain using an ‘Add Yours” sticker. You can jump on current trends or start a challenge or thread important to many people. Stories stickers can be placed on any media background or media, provided it is on a story’s post. Buy Instagram Followers UK


How to view an “Add Yours” chain

You can view all stories in the chain by clicking on the ‘Add Yours” sticker.

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View an ‘Add Yours’ chain here:

Locate an ‘Add Yours’ sticker on a Stories post.
Tap the sticker.
You will find the profiles visible to you here (i.e., these profiles are not private, blocked, or published more than 24 hours after publication). The name of the profile who started the chain will also be displayed.

To view stories and find out who started the chain, tap on the Add Yours sticker
4. Tap the first circle in this list.

5. This will take you through all the stories featuring this sticker.


To view, all stories in the chain, tap on the first circle

This is why it’s so great
Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker makes it easy to find new profiles and the creative minds behind them. You’ll find many profiles relevant to your brand or business if you search for a sticker that has a connection to that area. These profiles could be ones you want to interact with so that you can build brand awareness and connections. Buy Instagram Followers UK

You can also go through multiple stories to see how people respond to the different “Add Yours” stickers. And what types of profiles start or interact with successful story chains? These questions can help you create a successful chain.

How to join an “Add Yours” sticker chain

You can join the story chain if you see a story with an ‘Add Yours’ sticker.

Tap the “Add Yours” sticker.
You can see all stories and which profiles have started the chain from this page.

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Tap the sticker and the blue “Add Yours” button at the bottom.
4. You can create a story post by adding a background, relevant media, stickers, and text. This story’s post will contain the ‘Add Yours’ sticker. After uploading your background image, and media, you can resize it and reposition the sticker.

5. Once you are satisfied with how your stories look, tap “Your story” or the arrow at the bottom to publish it.

You can add media to the background and then resize or reposition your ‘Add Yours’ sticker
6. After publishing your stories, anyone can view the “Add Yours” sticker chain. They can also add their stories to the chain by tapping the sticker.

Profiles that view stories with the “Add Yours” sticker can interact with it to view all posts in the chain.
This is why it’s so great.
Engage with an ‘Add Yours’ chain to become a part of a larger community.


Anyone who sees the sticker chain will find you

It is possible to build deep and lasting connections with your audience.
Potentially, members of your audience may connect with new profiles. This could be a great way to build connections and brand awareness through well-thought-out word-of-mouth or user-generated marketing strategy.
This will allow you to view your audience’s responses directly from your stories. This can be done by viewing your stories with the sticker attached and selecting ‘Seen By [number]’ at the bottom left-hand side. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Click Here.

How to make your own “Add Yours” sticker chain

To access the Instagram Stories creator, open the app and swipe right.
You can add media, a layout, or a background. Mixter makes it easy to match your brand colours if you want to place your “Add Yours” sticker on a background with a gradient.

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5. To cycle through ideas, add text or use the dice at the bottom of the screen.

6. Next, tap “Done” in the upper right-hand corner.

Use the icon to add text or cycle through ideas.
7. You can personalize your stories posts with stickers and images.

8. You can publish your story by clicking on ‘Your Story’ or the arrow to the bottom of the screen.

You can personalize your stories by adding the “Add Yours” sticker to it

Then, publish your story to your audience. Buy Instagram Followers UK
Use the sticker ‘Add Yours to Customize Your Stories’ to personalize your posts.
After publishing your story, you can view the account chain using your Add Yours sticker. To do this, click on your story to open it and select ‘Seen By [number]’ or tap the ‘Add yours’ sticker at the stories post.

This is why it’s so great

Stories are only available for 24 hours. However, your sticker will be valid 24 hours after the last story is added to the chain. The sticker will credit the person who started the chain.