December 7, 2022
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The terms bench or booth seating are often(Furniture shops in Sunderland) used interchangeably in restaurants with particular styles and seating on which the space is focused.

The bench and booth seating is an innovative seating solution for cafes, restaurant spaces, bars, nightclubs, and other venues.

The Banquettes and fixed seating can create comfortable, spacious, and cozy seating booths where guests can consume food, drink, and enjoy their time in privacy.

It is crucial to understand the various kinds of designs, styles, and materials used for restaurant booths before deciding on the seating arrangement for your restaurant.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for selecting the ideal restaurant seating that will make the dining room practical and stylish.

Why Choose Banquette Seating?

When planning a restaurant’s interior space, it’s essential to ensure (Furniture shops in Sunderland)that furniture is not on the same level. This creates a distinct aspect that makes the restaurant appear like a canteen or dormitory if all furniture is placed at the same level.

Banquette seating is a way to introduce higher furniture, giving it a little more height in terms of aesthetic and design appeal.

Banquette seating can ensure that foot traffic is maintained throughout the restaurant and permit hotel employees to work with minimal disturbance.

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It can also be used to partition rooms, for instance, to separate the bar area from the restaurant or to divide an eating area in the kitchen from the rest of the space.

Upholstery and Materials

Selecting the suitable fabric for your banquette seating is essential as simple materials can appear dull and sabotage the interior’s overall style.

For a bit more volume and texture, it’s recommended to add two-toned fabrics; buttoned backs, and piped or fluted upholstery for your restaurant’s interior design.

Because more food and drinks are served in banquette seating than in loose chairs, designers choose faux leather furniture that is easy to clean.

Homedesign has many alternatives for your dining spaces to create a contemporary design.

How to design the structure of a Banquette Seating

A well-designed banquette seating area will often(Furniture stores Sunderland) transform the least interesting spaces in restaurants into the most sought-after locations by using a bit of creativity.

Lighting also plays a significant function, and the lux levels must always be suitable. Large pendants hung over the bar or restaurant banquette seating can affect the dining experience of diners.

Bench seating and banquette seating are the best options for adding a classic appearance to your cafe, restaurant, club lounge, or commercial space.

Here are some benefits of bench and Banquette style seats for restaurant dining:

Banquettes are an excellent option to fill up dining rooms.

This kind of seating extends over the entire empty wall. The U-shape banquette maximizes the table and seating space.

The style of dining banquette seat made by Homedesign includes the plinth’s wooden foundation, wooden leg, or a leg frame made of metal, ideal for hotel lounges. It is customizable according to a particular size if needed.

Banquette Seating is Cosy.

Many restaurants use banquette seating due to its ability to be employed as a booth, as well as seating banquette. It’s also incredibly comfy and lavish. Perfect for commercial settings.

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It’s the fluted back style leather banquette seating with either the wooden plinth base with wooden legs or legs made of metal.


Banquette seating is a beautiful addition to any setting.

Banquette seating is usually unique due to its special features. 

The options included in custom-built banquette seating can improve the function of the space and enhance the value of the area it’s situated within.

Paris Banquette Sofa from Homedesign is a great model of wooden banquette seating that adds a classic appearance to any office space.

The high-back design allows it to transform into a more private area. This sofa’s crisp lines and simple style are perfect for a contemporary and elegant interior.

Why Choose Booth Seating?

Booth Seating in restaurant spaces is a common choice(Furniture shops in Sunderland) as they provide comfy seating, appealing design, and a comfortable dining experience. They are attractive additions to dining establishments.

What makes Booths an ideal seating option in a restaurant or dining room?

Booth seating can reduce traffic flow and eliminate the requirement for servers to move through the four sides of the table.

It is more comfortable and looks more attractive than traditional table seating.

Offer your customers more privacy.

Available in a range of styles, colors, and styles

The initial price of a Booth seating arrangement may be more expensive, but over the long term, booths offer one of the most affordable and space-efficient designs you can select for your dining area.

Here are four easy tips for choosing the ideal restaurant booths for dining.

Restaurant booths provide a glimpse at your surroundings and add the interior design elements you already have. They are available in bare backs to country style button-tufted, beadboard, and V-back channel back and fan back. Each style is a distinct style of interior design. Examples include:

  • V-back booths are great in a retro-themed restaurant.
  • A button-tufted seating area gives an elegant appearance to a dining establishment.
  • Dining booths made of beadboard are ideal for churches and other gathering places.
  • Choose the appropriate material for your booth in a restaurant.
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Alongside the design, the fabric of the booth can also impact the overall ambiance in an area for dining.

Family-friendly establishment

For instance, in a family-friendly establishment, booths with vinyl padding make it easier to wash the stains that are likely to be found in children.

  • The bench can hold up to two people together.
  • Half Circle Booth – Standard dimensions are 48″ x 90″ x 48″.
  • 3/4 Circle Booth – Standard dimensions of 48″ x 90″ x 90″ x 48″ can accommodate six people.

L-Shape Booths are typically used for corners and can maximize space utilization.

The Deuce Single Booth is similar to the size one booth; however, it is thirty” instead of 48″ long. It is also a booth for one person (sits one person).

Double Booth Deuce: Measures 30″ long, in contrast to the standard double booth’s 48″ length. Two people can sit behind to back.

Know the Booth Components and Their Terminology

  • Top Cap: The strip is located at the top of the booth
  • Head Roll: Adds a cushion of foam to the head for a more comfortable sitting
  • End Cap: On the opposite side of the booth
  • Back: Added a cushion of foam to support the back to ensure guests are at ease

Crumb Strip Between the cushion and back for easy cleaning

  • Seating Area: the seating space in the booth
  • Skirting: Just beneath the cushion, using the same material
  • Globe cord: Additional piping to increase durability and fashion
  • Toe Kick: Stop wear and tear at the bottom of the booth in the foot area.
  • Base: The base of the restaurant booth.