December 7, 2022
safe deposit lockers

A safe deposit box is a container made of a robust material where one can keep their valuable assets secure. If you are worried about the security of your jewellery, vital papers, cash, gold bullion bars, coins and other precious items, rent a safe deposit locker. Bank lockers are the most popular ones but apart from them, private vaults are also available. These vaults are highly secured at multi levels and use CCTV cameras and biometric or double keys systems to prevent any security breach.

Multi Level Security

The security offered by safe deposit lockers makes them appealing. Safety deposit lockers are kept in highly secure vaults that are not easy to crack and the events of heists are unlikely to happen. The lockers are normally secured twice, once with a bank key and then again with a client key, guaranteeing that the lockers can’t be opened by anyone else, once locked. Some vaults also offer biometric entry to ensure extra safety so that other than the renters and co renters, no one can operate the locker. 

Without identity proof, no one can get access to the locker. This is all done to guarantee that only the renters can take out or keep the contents in their lockers.

The cost of safety lockers varies depending on their sizes and the time of the lease, although it is normally quite low. The majority of clients opt for lockers to keep their precious possessions safe from burglary, fire, or just accidental loss.

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What to keep in the safe deposit box?

Valuable things that you don’t require often should be kept in your safe deposit box. The list goes like this: diamond, gold jewellery, gold bullion bars, coins, original birth certificate, adoption documents, marriage certificates, business documents, citizenship papers. Apart from this, paper stocks and bond certificates too can be kept in the locker.

Hard drives with crucial data can be kept at safe deposit lockers in London. A copy of your will and power of attorney. The deed to your home and vehicle titles. College degree, a list of the contents in your house for the home insurance policy. Agreement documents, family heirlooms and treasures, coin or stamp collections and any other valuable item can find a place in the box.

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Things not to keep in safety deposit lockers

It is advisable to keep goods that you won’t require urgently at any time in a safe deposit box. 

Passports, medical prescriptions, only copies of wills and power of attorney and any other thing that you may need urgently should not be kept in vaults rather keep them safely at home. Also, illegal items are not allowed to keep in these boxes.

The Benefits of Using a Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are unquestionably safer than our residences. Vaults are more difficult to crack as they are highly secured with CCTV cameras, alarms and high-quality locks. They are also fire-resistant and can survive floods, storms and other natural calamities.

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Safety deposit lockers are built to resist natural catastrophes, but it’s recommended that you keep items that could be damaged by water in a waterproof box or a ziplock plastic bag, for added security.