December 7, 2022

The most important part of a wedding ceremony is the exchanging of rings. The rings hold special importance during this time because they are the symbol of commitment which the couple will always wear. There several designs of wedding rings that have been introduced in the jewellery market with more modern designs that keep emerging every now and then. Among these, there are a few designs that are timeless and have remained popular in spite of the tough competition offered by the new modern designs. Here are a few wedding ring designs that will never go out of style.

Metal wedding bands

One of the most popular wedding rings London, is the plain metal wedding band. The simplicity of the design of these rings is the main reason why so many people prefer it even today. The ring is easy to wear on a daily basis and doesn’t tarnish very easily when it is made of gold or platinum. Some people may choose to customize their rings by carving a personal message or date but otherwise the basic design of the metal band remains unchanged.

Solitaire rings

Solitaire diamond rings are usually used for marriage proposals but have also been used as a wedding band. The ring consists of a single delicate diamond stone sitting elegantly on a metal band. The single stone ring is a classic design and never seems to go out of fashion because of its simple beauty. Additionally, the diamond stone has a lot of emotional value attached to it since diamonds stand for eternal love and therefore the solitaire diamond rings make the perfect choice for weddings.

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Pave set rings

Pave set rings are another ring design that is popular as a wedding band. Pave set diamond rings have tiny diamond stones that are set on the metal band in a row, one next to the other forming a continuous line of sparkling diamonds. Their simple design allows you to wear it with your engagement ring and their sparkling characteristic tends to attract attention.

Three stone rings

Three stone rings are those which typically have three stones i.e. a central stone that is flanked by two other stones. The three stones represent the past, present and the future of your relationship with your partner and are also known as trilogy rings. They are among the most popular wedding rings these days because they can be easily customized according to the stone you choose. All the three stones can be the same stone or different stones according to your choice.

Halo diamond rings

The halo diamond rings are the rage these days because of their stunning design and are also available in options of lab grown diamonds UK. These rings consist of a central stone which is surrounded by a row of tine pave set diamonds around its circumference. This design adds extra sparkle to the ring and makes the central stone appear larger than it actually is. These rings can also be customized by choice and a wide range of them is available at the Hatton Garden Jewellers.