October 2, 2022
Guest blog 16 - 5 Outdoor Storage Ideas for More Organized Space (1)

Organizing your backyard storage can be tricky unlike indoor storage, that has closed spaces like closets, drawers, shelves, etc. to tuck away things out of sight. The outdoors is a vast expanse of space, be it an apartment balcony or a wide rolling lawn with sheds and a garage. Well, this can actually be used to your advantage as you can design the open space as a well-structured organized place serving multiple purposes! To help you out in this journey, we present to you five super-effective tips and ideas to get a beautifully decked-up outdoor space:

1) Tidy up your shed with a hanging organizer

Lawn sheds can be the most underutilized and disorganized places among outdoor storage. Your gardening tools, manure, seeds, pieces of equipment, garage tools, seasonal items like beach toys and chairs, etc. can be efficiently stored on a hanging organizer. The organizer will require one or more hooks for suspension or an easy-to-install process, and that’s it! It is sectioned into pockets, hooks, and suspensions for putting stuff on them. You can organize all your knick-knacks into the sectioned storage. It serves as a great option for tidy storage.

2) Create a DIY storage rack with a simple plank and hooks

It’s difficult to keep long tools like rakes, shovels, digging forks, and cultivators all supported against the wall without tripping on them or all of them just falling off like bowling pins. It’s best to keep them suspended and use them as needed. You just need a long wood plank and set it up on the outside wall or inside the shed or garage. Next, get some hanging hooks and pegs (you can look for some really good ones here), and you have your DIY hanging rack ready! If you don’t have a wood plank, you can use an old surfboard, hockey stick, or a coat rack as alternatives. Your long garden tools will never jostle for space again. You can use the same for storing sports equipment, tennis rackets, skis, and skateboards, i.e., stuff you do not use regularly but need a spot for storage.

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3) Repurpose wooden crates for outdoor storage

Wooden crates are great as storage and as a side table for your porch, or patio seating arrangement. You can paint them up or leave them with their natural wooden finish. Use the crate space for an attractive planter and the top for a side lamp, flower vase, or anything to add to the aesthetic. Another idea is to use wooden crates under sitting benches to store items. You can use the crates for storing toys, gardening items, and similar stuff while adding a nice wooden exterior look. If you’re nifty with carpentry, look up some ideas to turn wooden crates into coffee tables or crate storage tables. They are pretty fun to do and look amazing on the porch while you store your stuff inside them.

4) Create a potting station with old furniture

Thinking of selling that old bookcase, cabinet, or iron rack in the garage sale? Well, you’d reconsider it after knowing about this brilliant idea of converting the worn-out furniture into an exquisite-looking stand for your planters! Take the bookcase or cabinet which has been abandoned for a long time and clean it up. You can use any kind of paint you’re comfortable with, or if you want no-prep, less fuss paint then go for chalk paints. Paint up in a color of your choice, and add a coat of enamel wax for a glossy look. Put it outside on your porch, balcony, or backyard and use the levels of the furniture for showcasing your plants, storing seeds, manure, spray bottles, pesticides, extra pots, and soil bags.

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You don’t need to invest in an expensive garden organizer or potting station when you can get one by just repurposing something already present at your home. Imagination is your limit, when it comes to transforming any old furniture into a beautiful potting station. Sometimes iron racks or stations with a worn-out look can give a vintage feel. If that is how you like it, you may not go for repainting it and use it as is.

5) Use doors and walls for storage

Nothing like the vast space of doors and wall surfaces to serve as a storage space!

  • Use your garage wall to make a hanging storage by pinning up some hooks and plastic tubs. Make sure to use strong hooks. Sort the supplies like toys, chemicals, etc., in different buckets.
  • Use a pegboard on the inside of a shed/garage door or the wall. Organize your different items with the help of baskets, bins, and hooks.
  • Another simple and easy to implement idea is putting up a wire rack behind the shed door for storing small gardening tools and items like seeds, manure, spray bottles, gloves, and other smaller items.

So here we conclude our five super-useful tips for optimizing your outdoor storage. Most of the ideas and tips involve smart tactics and cheap options for beautiful results. You just need to use your creativity and keep looking around for things lying idle that could be put to better use.