August 11, 2022
Console Table

Console Table

Are you familiar with Console Table‘ intriguing history? Console tables have come a long way since their inception in France in the 17th century as rectangular slabs supported by wall-mounted brackets. They’re normally 30 to 36 inches tall, with wide, shallow tops and square or rectangular shapes, however demi-lunes offer a gorgeous alternative.  Their designs lacked considerably in terms of utility. They became increasingly practical over time while maintaining their decorative qualities.

Is there a compelling motive, though, to incorporate the Console Table Online into your home? Having an entryway table in your home has various advantages. Console tables are ideal for hallways and entryways because they are narrow. When room is restricted, they can also be used as bars, vanities, or desks. You may even use one to add lighting or other decorations to the back of a sofa. It’s a versatile table that may be used for a number of tasks. The Home Dekor in Delhi has put together a collection of unique and innovative console table designs that are either fantastic or immaculate!

We’ve gathered some stunning console furniture designs that will steal your heart!

Shiva Console

This handcrafted console strikes the perfect balance between form and function. The mahogany-finished solid wood lathe legs offer the interior area depth and richness. There are two open shelves and two drawers. The cast brass handles add a special touch to the overall design. To give your home a big image, place the console in the living room and dining room.

Console Table
Console Table

Industrial Console Table

The Industrial Console Table is nicely crafted in a mild steel frame with two close drawers and an open shelf. The item is both functional and appealing, making it an excellent storage option for any home. The drawers and shelves are made of mango wood with a natural finish, so they’ll blend in with your existing decor. You can elegantly customise the room by adding some unique photo frames, mirror frames, sculptures, and vases on the console.

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Latin Console Table

The Latin console table features a cube design and is made of solid wood. The wood tone has a wonderful texture that lends it a natural aura. . It’s designed to be utilised as living room furniture besides a sofa set. It’s meant to be used as living room furniture, with two open shelves and two wooden-handled drawers.

It was designed to be used in living rooms, hotels, and restaurants, among other places. It can be used to store and exhibit attractive things in an entryway, as well as behind a wall-mounted mirror.

Open Console Table

With a mango wood top and a mild steel basis, the Open Console Table is designed in a contemporary manner. The console is sturdy and appears to be light in weight, making it suitable for even the tiniest of places. Fill it with unique artworks, sculptures, and showpieces to make it a magnificent feature of your room space.

Console tables are ideal for narrow areas such as corridors and entryways. When the room is restricted, they can also be used as bars, vanities, or desks. You may even use one to add lighting or other decorations to the back of a sofa. The Home Dekor, an Australia furniture company, has assembled a variety of unique and distinctive Console Table Online designs that are great for any decor.


In our home, the console table is really important. All you have to do now is choose the right one to complement the rest of your home’s decor. Home Dekor is one of those places where you can get all of your needs met in one location.

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